GripSox® Clinically Trialled Non-Slip Falls Prevention Grip Socks - Now available in Singapore

Proudly Curated By ASPIRE55

GripSox® is the world's leading form of independently clinically trialled non slip grip socks and in only a short period of time has quickly established itself as an internationally recognized brand and a leader in falls prevention.

GripSox® have been used world wide by more than 200 physiotherapy, pilates and yoga studios and over 150 hospitals and aged care residences for falls prevention. They can now assist your Organisation to meet mandatory National Safety & Quality Health Service Standards in relation to falls prevention (Standard No. 10).

As a Physiotherapist myself, I have seen first hand the effect that falls have in the community both physically, financially and emotionally. With 1 in 3 people over the age of 65 falling each year, prevention is by far the best option!

You can browse this website for detailed information about GripSox® including their many different uses and benefitsmedia coveragelocal retailersclient testimonialsclinical research undertaken and our attempts to help reduce the growing problem of falls in the community.

Our REDuce Falls Sox® continue to visually identify those individuals at greatest risk of falling, whilst our unique GripSox Stretch Top® socks are proving to be very popular for those individuals requiring additional comfort due to swollen feet and ankles.