Aqua Paint Dementia Activity Product - Days Out

  • $40.00

Handpicked by ASPIRE55

Paint with water and watch the image appear. As it dries, the image will fade and the canvas can reused again. A great activity tool for persons with Dementia. Each set comes with five different images that have been carefully selected to help start conversation when the painting is complete. As the water dries the image will fade ready to be used time and again. Available in 4 designs.

Available for the first time in Singapore from United Kingdom

Client Endorsements from United Kingdom:

  • Anchor has launched Active Minds complete kit in the first 20 homes to promote spontaneous activity.
  • In April 2015 Imperial College Hospital rolled out our Complete Kit across their dementia wards
  • BUPA are perhaps the most recognised name in healthcare in the UK. The residential care division of the organisation has a huge commitment to the quality of services available to people within their care. The group is placing an ever increasing emphasis on enabling people within their care to remain as active, engaged and stimulated for as much of the day as possible.  While BUPA offer a range of group activities in all locations, they are investing in and expanding opportunities available for one-to-one and spontaneous engagement. In 2016 over 70 BUPA homes purchased the Active Minds Complete Kit to see the improvement that it made to the activity culture of the homes. The results were hugely encouraging. With tailored resources to meet the needs of the residents, the homes were able to increase the activity available to residents in mid-late stages of dementia. The staff reaction to the products was also fantastic with one to one activity increasing at each location.